Day 21

Day 21…  Accepting and finally enjoying my new surroundings. Friendships and local events are bringing me a sense of comfort and confirmation about leaving the home area I loved. Tip of the day, give it time when I am in a new enviroment. Try to accept it and come to peaceful terms. 


day 20

Day 20!!  The difference between wanting to look and feel good verses being vain. Is there a fine line between the two? I don’t know the exact definition of vain, but perhaps striving to look good for others and wanting to be noticed instead of wanting to look and feel your best for yourself is a start. Tip of the day, strive to look and feel your best for you! You are the most important person to you.


day 19 is here. Feeling like I need to just be happy with the status quo today. Why feel like I have to keep up with others in the area of friendships and time spent with someone? It is not a competition and I am to old to feel like I want to be in the “in” crowd. Jealousy over developing friendships is a waste. Tip of the day, don’t analyze who is hanging out with who so much. Life is already stressful enough. 

Day 17 and 18

Once again I tried to post and it would not work. So I am doubling up again.. I am not sure if this is serving a purpose but that brings me to a bigger question, do I serve a specific purpose each day? This is similar to the age old question, why am I here? My tip of the day is to find a purpose ach day no matter how big or small.Helping someone else and looking outside of your self, may be your purpose for that day.

Day 15 and 16

I tried writing yesterday but had computer problems. Anyway, my tip of the day is to appreciate the people you meet and become friends with. It is interesting how different and unique we are from one another. I sometimes wonder why certain people have been brought into my life no matter how short the time is. I can learn so much from each person.

Day 14

Aaah, patience has never been a strong characteristic of mine. But it looks like I am in for a long lesson of it. God has a sense of humor or a special way of taking something that you need to learn, and putting it right smack in your face. Tip of the day, take a deep breath and let it be.

Day 13

Day 13 of blogging. My focus today is organization and schedules for the upcoming fall. It is something that I like to do but it is always a challenge to stick with. But with home schooling, it will force me to stick with one. Part of the organizing is accepting the fact that I have too much stuff. Every room feels cluttered even though I know it is not nearly as bad as most people since we just moved and got rid of tons of “stuff. Tip of the day, take each room in the house one by one to clear out, organize and the hardest part.. keep it that way once it is done. Don’t get distracted. One room or project at a time is all I can expect from myself.

Day 12

12th day of blogging. It is like a form of therapy. I find it hard to have a topic each day but my personal goal was to write something each day for  one full year, hence the name of the blog. I love writing in a journal. Have kept one my whole adult life but this is different. I need more relaxing things in my life. Tend to be an uptight person. Tip of the day, find relaxing moments each day. Writing is like therapy. Maybe yoga could be also.

Day 10 and 11

Yesterday I spent hours working on home school research. So I am combining yesterday and today. This is going to be such a huge change for me. I am really unsure and anxious over it.The only thing I know I can rely on is my faith. Tip of the day is to rely on my faith when I am weighed down with concerns and know that I am not doing this alone.

Day 9

Today I am cleaning out closets and while going thru my sweaters, I thought of a new purpose for old,worn out ones. Boot socks!!I cut off the long sleeves and will hem a little of the frayed side. They will look so cute this winter. I can flip them over the top of the boot and could sew cute buttons on.Tip of the day, try to re-purpose items. It is easier than I thought.